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Technology is growing and changing rapidly. New and efficient business processes all around the world are being introduced to accelerate project delivery and witness significant improvement in asset performance. The role of technology in mechanical, engineering, construction and architectural etc department is massive and computerized solutions of all the divisions contribute largely to make a significant change in the infrastructure.

CompuSOFT is known to be a leader in providing end-to-end solution in the field of I.T and engineering. The company is committed to make engineering easy by providing software’s and solutions to accommodate the challenges faced by businesses in design and analysis. CompuSOFT has a proud inventory for mechanical, civil, electrical, engineering and procurement or services.

Bentley is a global partner of CompuSOFT and aims to advance infrastructure through its specifically designed software solutions for architects, constructors, engineers, planners, fabricators, IT professionals and owner-operators. Bentley aims to understand the professional needs of those who are contributing to create and manage infrastructure all the world. The comprehensive solutions of Bentley help them in bringing a global change.


Infrastructure refers to roadways, roadways, airports, skyscrapers, industrial plants, power plants and utility networks. In order to plan, design, construct and operate these multi-disciplined projects, Bentley offers integrated solutions.

Building and Facility

A comprehensive software solution for building and facility is offered by Bentley which helps to improve design coordination and get visibility into construction. The aim of the solution is to help reducing costs and managing capital so that the return on investment is maximized.


Bentley has fantastic solution for managing a communication network. The aim of the solution is to provide an effective way to design, construct and operate a communication network.

Discrete Manufacturing

Through comprehensive solutions of manufacturing, products can be effectively manufactures and the production costs can be reduced. The solutions allow professionals to operate, monitor and measure performance of production lines.

Electric and Gas Utilities

The utility infrastructure or a distribution network can be better planned, designed, managed and operated. Specifically designed solution is for utility transmission networks, distribution networks or substation handling.

Mapping and Surveying

Our comprehensive solution for mapping and surveying is support by latest technologies such as UAVs, drones, 3D surveying, laser scanning and 3D imaging.

Hence, Bentleys holds the capability to provide comprehensive solutions for the designing, construction, operation and management of multi-disciplined project. Together, CompuSOFT and Bentley are changing the infrastructure of the world.    


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