The advantages of using Prosteel ranges from its user friendly design to being completely compatible with Microstation. It benefits the user by automatically providing details along with documentation. Creating of documented details helps companies getting more productive and efficient in numerous ways.

The lists of the detail it provides are as follow:

Circular stairs
2D designs
3D Models
NC data
PPS data

Bentley Prosteel can not only be integrated with other Bentley products but is also compatible with third party softwares too. It gives users the ability to customize the software with their own unique requirements.

This Bentley’s product in particular supports different languages and when it comes to metal and steel work it has been recognized internationally for providing an important application in 3D structural compositing.

Prosteel has been providing engineers with an opportunity to create structures and composites quickly and effectively with its high end user friendly designs and the ability to provide multitasking which allows several people to work together which also results in increasing productivity. It also supports all up to date and latest standard interfaces for e.g. SDNF and CIS/2. With its non modal dialogue box you can view the model from different perspective with the need of cancelling the command


Who Uses

Some of the top firms in the world use STAAD Pro


Structural/civil engineers
Plant engineers



Structural engineering
Structural consultant
Multidisciplinary E/A and A/E
Departments in construction companies, owner/operators, and government agencies
Offshore platform designer

Firms Of All Sizes

Small to large size companies


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